The Tale of Midas (CA, V, 141-332)

Moran, Judith C. G

The Tale of Midas (CA, V, 141-332)

Moran, Judith C. G. "The Tale of Midas (CA, V, 141-332)." In John Gower's Literary Transformations in the Confessio Amantis: Original Articles and Translations. Ed. Beidler, Peter G. Washington, D. C.: University Press of America, 1982, pp. 55-58. ISBN 081925962

Moran summarizes Ovid's story of Midas's "irresponsible kingship . . . foolishness, and . . . wasted opportunity" (in "Metamorphoses" 11.85-145) and identifies ways that Gower alters Ovid's version in his own account in CA 5.141-332. By making Midas a "more sympathetic character" and having him recognize and repent his sin, Gower adapts the tale to his concern with avarice and makes it part of his "pervasive treatment of the responsibilities of kings." [MA]


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