The Tale of Echo (CA, V, 4583-4652)

Zipf, Karl A., Jr

The Tale of Echo (CA, V, 4583-4652)

Zipf, Karl A., Jr. "The Tale of Echo (CA, V, 4583-4652)." In John Gower's Literary Transformations in the Confessio Amantis: Original Articles and Translations. Ed. Beidler, Peter G. Washington, D. C.: University Press of America, 1982, pp. 59-61. ISBN 081925962

Zipf summarizes Ovid's brief account of Echo ("Metamorphoses" 3.359-69) and identifies ways that Gower alters Ovid's version in his own account in CA 5.4583-4652. Gower expands the account and renders it moralistic by developing the character of Echo, focusing on her "crime and punishment" as an "active procurer" of lovers for Jupiter, and by the setting more familiar for his contemporary courtly audience. [MA]


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