Gower's Southwark.

Carlin, Martha.

Gower's Southwark.

Carlin, Martha. "Gower's Southwark." In Ana Sáez-Hidalgo, Brian Gastle, and R. F. Yeager, eds. The Routledge Research Companion to John Gower (Oxford and New York: Routledge, 2017), pp. 132-149.

The poet's "only documented residence is the house in the precinct of the Augustinian priory of St Mary Overey in Southwark" where he lived until his death (132). Carlin describes the rather working-class (137-38), noisy, and odoriferous district just south of the Thames (137-38). The bridge leading to London proper held a Great Gate adorned with the arms of King Richard II, Queen Anne, and Edward the Confessor (139). Gower may have moved into his residence as early as June 1385 (141). According to the lawsuit of 1394-95, he displaced the rightful tenant, one Feriby, and was forced to pay a fine, a case "not reflect[ing] well on his legal expertise" (142). Evidence is reviewed on the exact location of the house (142-44). [LBB. Copyright. The John Gower Society. eJGN 37.2.]


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