Approaches to Teaching the Poetry of John Gower

Yeager, R. F., and Gastle, Brian W., eds

Approaches to Teaching the Poetry of John Gower

Yeager, R. F., and Gastle, Brian W., eds. "Approaches to Teaching the Poetry of John Gower." New York: Modern Language Association of America, 2011 ISBN 9781603290999

After their brief introduction, the editors divide this book into two major parts. The first, "Materials," contains three essays (Peck, Nicholson, and Gastle) on Gowerian texts for teaching, the critical tradition, and online resources. The second, longer part, "Approaches," contains twenty-two essays and is subdivided into five sections: 1) Historical Approaches and Context (Pearsall, Lightsey, Peck, Palmer, and Boboc), 2) Language, Literature, and Rhetoric (Coleman, Donavin, Koff, Echard, Yeager, and Kelemen), 3) Theoretical Approaches (Mitchell, Bullón-Fernández, and Kruger), 4) Comparative Approaches (Bertolet, Dean, Yeager, and Wetherbee), and 5) Specific Class-Room Contexts (McKinney, Chewning, Passmore, and Beidler). The work ends with notes on the contributors, a list of scholars and teachers whose responses to a survey on the teaching of Gower helped frame the contents of this volume, an inclusive list of works cited in these collected essays, and an index. In describing available teaching resources and examining a wide range of approaches to teaching Gower, this volume will prove useful to both instructors newly interested, and/or already practticed, in teacing the poet. [Kurt Olsson. Copyright. The John Gower Society. JGN 31.1]


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